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"Don´t believe those who say art has borders. Pinnacle of art resides in its freedom and it is always one step ahead from reality," says Vladimír Kadera. His artwork and paintings form only a small part of his creative touch with reality, and everything springs from his truly unique life philosophy, sole existence and manifestations of life he is influenced by.

Vladimir Kadera and his work in a dedicated television portrait (TV Hronka)

Everything started at his philosophy studies; later on he studied East Asian philosophies focused on man, his soul, feelings and human manifestations. His work represents a probe into inner self, especially woman´s, since women are his main inspiration and Objet d'art all his artistic life. In his works the Artist tries to understand women and make them happy.

According to Kadera "…life is all about energies - the good ones, the bad ones, and how they affect us, what are the consequences of this affection and whether we can control them or not. I believe that the good energy is essential for us and we should cherish it, protect it. If the good energy we have is sufficient for us, our goal is to send it forth to those who need it more than we do. The most important thing is not to waste it on someone who doesn´t deserve it."

For Kadera the true happiness is to give and help others, because it means more than to receive and take. "What you give is what you get from others, and you´ll get it when you need it most. Life is a series of happy and misfortunate moments, and is full of searching and finding. We search for happiness, chase the dreams and ideals in this hectic time and we often neglect the results we have achieved. This is the time when we have to stop and cancel all the meetings and forget about the deadlines. This is the time to look inside yourself and cherish every second you´ve got. Nothing´s more refreshing than a new dawn which reminds you about the beauty of life and all its perks. You can love, you can create, you can LIVE. If the rain is pouring, this perspective reminds you that the rain is beautiful. And when the sun is shining, it´s just unbelievable and the whole day becomes a celebration. We´re here for a reason, from the very first second we have to fill with happiness."

Kadera believes that a man has to enjoy even the hardest life hits he gets, since we are here to overcome them - in the end, they make us stronger. "Hard life is destined only for the strongest. Boring, dull and unfilled life is for those who don´t know how to live."

This is Art of Vladimír Kadera. This is what represents him and his work.

Vladimír Kadera (1952) - artist and painter; he lives and works in a town in the heart of Slovakia, Banská Bystrica. After finishing his university studies he completed an artistic course in Paris. He´s been a professional artist for 40 years.

Stages of Vladimír Kadera´s work:
His Surrealism Stage - pays tribute to life and work of Salvador Dalí, who heavily influenced Kadera
His Abstraction Stage - expresses his feelings, state of mind and emotions
His Cubism Stage - displays the effect of colours, their frequencies and explains their healing potential
His Figurative Motifs - an everlasting theme about humans, especially about women and their inner and outer worlds

Vladimir Kadera and his work in a dedicated television portrait (No)Celebrities (Radio and Television Slovakia) http://www.rtvs.sk/televizia/archiv/3347